Lucy died several years ago from a debilitating stroke when in her early 60s. She was raised in an orphanage where records we obtained indicated that both of her parents were deceased and that she was born in WY. Lucy was an angry child and was placed with several different foster families who soon returned her to the orphanage. The last family taught her to overcome her anger and she eventually became a high-ranking Army career nurse, at one time assigned to President Eisenhower. Lucy never married or had children as her fiancée was killed in World War II. After much research, we found 11 cousins on the maternal side of Lucy's family but had a very hard time finding Lucy's paternal line. They had no idea what happened to Lucy's mother. Records indicated that Lucy was born in Wyoming. She was actually born in Colorado. Using the many resources available to us, we eventually found Lucy's father who had died some years earlier from a stroke-at age 61. He had married Lucy's mother in 1920 and began divorce proceedings a month later with a final divorce recorded in 1924. He had returned to the area of his birth and had married again ( before the first divorce was final) and had two more children. His second wife was deceased and Lucy's half-sisters inherited the entire estate-over $34,000 net each--from a sister they never knew existed produced by a father they never suspected had been married before.

We called 72 year old Bill at 9:00 PM Texas time on a Friday night to ask if his parents were the ones we had on file. He indicated they were. We'd spent a lot of time on this search and were afraid this was going to be one case where no heir would be left. We gave Bill the happy news that we had found money for him-more than $80,000. Bill told us later that he had been extremely depressed that night, had been involved in a car accident a few months earlier and had also fallen and messed up a hip replacement from the year before. He keeps in touch and called just the other night to say that since our first phone call to him, he seems to have acquired the Midas touch. He recently settled on the car accident for a lot more money than he expected and his hip is doing well. That might have something to do with his twice weekly water aerobic classes with a bunch of little old ladies!


"Thanks again, Lori! I wish I'd known about you and the service you provide in  finding missing people before I wasted so much time trying to locate my uncle. I'm sending a little extra because you kept the cost down."

Joe H

 "Glad to know you are still involved in our interests. It seems to be most complicated. The most important information for me, is to be sure that my estate does not become intestate and come under the laws of the state of New Mexico. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf and for all the interesting information you have given me." 

J Johnston

"Thank you so much for an unanticipated and appreciated gift. It would be so meaningful to both my sister and myself to know anything about daddy's family. We are so unknowing and this has always been a heart emptiness for us."
E. Jones, Indiana.
NOTE: We were able to provide them with some family records and genealogy charts on members of their family and find them a small inheritance also.

"I would certainly recommend you to any one that I come in contact with looking for a person that will stick with a project. You did a great job."
J. Piersol, TX

"It was nice of you to send us the descendants lists.  It was wonderful working with your company. Thank you again for your tenacity in getting the inheritance money from the state of Arizona for my many relatives in Sweden and others of us in the states." F. Anderberg